“All parts were self-recorded at different locations by all members. Then mixed in Germany” says front man Dan Palace. “We as a live band unintentionally took the musical collage approach to recording”. The Australian five piece have played a detailed run of shows throughout the first half of 2016, to promote both singles “There’s No Need to Hide” and “My Aim (It Is You)” which appear on their debut EP. What really works are the multiple instrumental stretches which gives the EP a lot of flexibility. The oozing guitars occupy that space, giving the whole proceeding plenty of gusto and charisma. The band have nailed the pop that harkens back to the 70s and 80s as well as incorporating electronic glitches which gives the EP an experimental feel.

“Strange pop band. The strength of this, I like” – Niche Music, Japan 

Click here to download the EP via Bandcamp.