“For your information, I wrote Neon Demon two years ago” posts outspoken front man Sash ‘Sea Slug’ Mishevski. “It’s a throw back to the times of when we loved to dance and go to venues to watch music”. Admitting the song was written while on a European holiday, the timing oddly coincided with new lockout laws that were taking place in their hometown of Sydney which ultimately gives Neon Demon a peculiar relevance. The song can be interpreted as either an evocative ode to partying  or simply as a mark that things are different now in the city of Sydney.


Musically the songs backdrop is a repeated keyboard arpeggio, which introduces a soft crooning vocal. Softly sung verses and electronic arrangements contrast with a choral and band-heavy chorus, showcasing Slumberhaze as group who pay attention to every musical detail. Overall Neon Demon draws influences from many genres even the house music of John Holden is sited as inspiration for the track.

The track was self recorded by the band at their home studios and is sonically more impressive than the commercial “Run As Fast As You Can, Kids” (which is our favorite haze track). Mixed by Lachlan Mitchell at 301 studios and Mastered by William Bowden, you really can’t go wrong. Neon Demon is the 2nd single off the final EP Rhyme, Rhythm & Romance trilogy (Part 3).

Let’s hope the second half of 2016 see the lads moving as fast as they have. You can dance…like we’re supposed to on the following dates;

15 June @ Lizotte’s, Newcastle
16 June @ Brass Monkey, Cronulla
17 June @ Waywards, Sydney
18 June @ Rad Bar, Wollongong
24 June @ The Brightside, Brisbane
25 June @ Sol Bar, Sunshine Coast
30 June @ Transit Bar, Canberra
1 July @ Baha’s, Rye
2 July @ Shebeen, Melbourne

Don’t Believe The Haze – ST.C.II.R