Often overlooked as being amateurish or unassuming because of crude recording quality or a naive vocal delivery, outsider musicians always seem to fall into a category of “lo-fi” or “D.I.Y”. To some extent this labeling is correct, but what sets outsider musicians apart from the rest is the strength of their songwriting. It is through their innocent and unclouded approach that creativity flows. In short; they are expressing themselves freely without insider* influences.
The following tracks are fine examples of “outsider music” created by Sydney musicians who’s talents go virtually unknown. Disclaimer: This is not the bees knees, but simply just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of great local music out there if YOU take the time to find it.

  1. Nike – Hentai Magi
  2. So I’m Walking  – Pantalaim0n
  3. The System – Matrick Jones
  4. Matt Machuca
  5. Living In The Future – voidSTAR
  6. Will Chittick – T-Bot 
  7. Strings – Rob’s Tunes
  8. Hunter – Matthew Bilic 
  9. Stealth Bummer – King Tears Mortuary

It’s an alternative to the ‘u-kno-whos’. Listen with your ears not with your eyes #earsnoteyes. – ST.C.II.R